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Zappanale 15
Retrospective DVD

Released Nov. 15th, 2004

The Zappanale Festival*, known all over the world, is a must for all Frank Zappa fans but also for those who like Rock, Jazz and even a touch of classical music. Zappanale 15 (July 22nd, 2004 – July 25th, 2004) was again a big success where the visitors could enjoy the unique works of Frank Zappa´s in an enthusiastic way.

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Each year in Bad Doberan (nearly) everything deals with the music of Frank Zappa for 3 days. Fans and other music lovers who didn´t have the chance to visit this year´s festival now have the possibility to listen to and see all the bands, almost as if they were attending the gigs live. The visitors of this year´s Zappanale too will certainly be pleased to see and hear several high lights once more.

On this DVD of more than 92 min. play time all the different performances can be heard and seen in best quality.

  • The Z15-Retrospective DVD is an exciting and high value visual experience for every Frank Zappa fan and a complete retrospective of th Zappanale 15 Festival. Due to professional video equipment and increased care this DVD is much better than the ones from the years before as far as quality and the contents are concerned.
    Certainly there are again the best cuts from all the bands and besides that the taping of the audience, the festival itself and the back-stage shots give the real Zappanale feeling.

    As an extra bonus there are several hundreds of photos as a dia show on the DVD. Every band and very many audience photos and back-stage pictures give even more of an inside view of the festival. 

Make this DVD a big pleasure for other music lovers and feel like being on the Z15-Festival each time you´re watching it!

This unique work in limited edition is on sale NOW.

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Z15 - Retrospective DVD

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