Honeycomb paper pallets:

Honeycomb paper pallets made out of honeycomb and are subject that goes along with the world trend of recycling materials. Because of the structure of honeycomb the board is very strong and can carry a very heavy weight. The way to enforce the paper pallet is to make board with smaller cell size. Honeycomb paper pallet with cell size 10 mm will be stronger then Honeycomb paper pallet with board cell size 15 mm. It is possible to enforce the Honeycomb paper pallet by enlarge the legs. Normally the Honeycomb paper pallets have 9 legs 200mm * 100mm with cell size 10. It can be changed. We can use 200mm*200mm legs in order to   make it stronger or to  take 3 long beams Paper pallets are easy to make in any size or shape. Therefore we adapt the  Honeycomb paper pallets to the costumer needs. Honeycomb paper pallets become important for the export.   Some call the Honeycomb paper pallets “export pallet” or “china pallet”. Many countries do not allow import with wooden pallets. More and more costumer ask for the Honeycomb paper pallets as a one-way pallets for the export. Ikea is one of the leaders for using   Honeycomb paper pallets in their logistic. Ikea insist that their suppliers will send their goods on   honeycomb paper pallets. In that case they do not transfer wood pallet from one country to another.

Honeycomb spacer boards:

Honeycomb spacer boards are used in many industries to protect the product against different transport and storage damages  The Honeycomb spacer boards are very popular in the glass industry. We cut strips of 3 meter long and 80mm width in order to separate the glass sheets immediately after they were produced. The Honeycomb spacer strips protect the glass during the transport until it arrived to the costumer’s warehouse. The textile industry uses the   Honeycomb spacer boards in a different way. They put one Honeycomb spacer boards with holes between each layer of yarn. So in every pallet of yarn there are Honeycomb spacer boards with holes to hold the bobbins .  In the deep freezer house our Honeycomb spacer boards used to let the meat freeze in a fast way. The advantage of the Honeycomb spacer boards is that it can stay in minus 25 degree Celsius with no problem at all.

Easy Box:

EasyBox is comfortable packaging boxes, not as heavy as wooden boxes and stronger then the standard corrugated carton box. Easy Box can be produced in different sizes according the costumer wishes. Easy Box is suitable for export, made of non-wooden material .Easy Box made of fully recycled paper EasyBox is made of Honeycomb paper boards combined with corner protectors. It is providing a combination of a strong, protective box which is easy to recycle. The Honeycomb boards have good compressive strength and are reinforced on the edge with corner protectors.. EasyBox is made from Honeycomb paper boards and carton corner protectors. Contains only 3 parts for assembling a single box. EasyBox  can be supplied with Honeycomb legs to be used also as a Honeycomb paper pallet . EasyBoxs are easy to stack and store. They are delivered folded.

Punch boards:

The punched honeycomb board is a new way to protect your product. With our press machine we can form a good protected cushion material from our honeycomb boards. The punched honeycomb board is a pure green solution and replaces successfully the other foam type packaging. The tool for the paper punched boards mold is relatively not expansive and suitable for small and medium size quantity manufactured as well as for  big volume. Punched paper boards are easy to dispel after use. Punched paper boards will give good protection for big product as well to small product. *honeycomb:

Composite honeycomb is a material used as a core material in Sandwich structured composite structures. An image of Aluminum Honeycomb. An image of Aluminum Honeycom Composite honeycomb takes its name from its visual resemblance to a bee's honeycomb - a hexagonal sheet structure.

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*paper paletts:

Paper pallets are shipping pallets made from paper. Although most pallets are made from wood, new construction methods have improved the capabilities of paper shipping pallets.

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A spacer is generally something used to create a space between two objects, often to properly position them. (Spacer: An object inserted to hold a space open in a row of items eg. beads.)